“When You Have Your Health, You Can Enjoy Your Wealth”

Bergen Family Chiropractic Center

The origin of this statement goes back about 50 years ago when I was a boy growing up in The Bronx. I went next door to my grandfathers’ butcher shop to a luncheonette for a .15 cent chocolate egg cream. I sat on the stool at the counter next to “Uncle Manny.”

“Uncle Manny” was not a relative. He wasn’t even Italian! He was the family jeweler and friend. He was up there in age, the “Uncle” part was a respect thing.

Uncle Manny at that point in his life was very wealthy and yet very frail - his health in disarray. As we sat at the counter and conversed, he said to me these words, which struck a very distinct chord in my young and impressionable being. He said, in a heavy Jewish accent, “sonny, ven, ven,ven you got your health, you got your wealth!”

I mulled that over, looked at the important people in my life and found it hard not to agree. Fast forward about 20 years from then and I was a practicing chiropractor. Dedicating my life toward educating people on how to regain and keep their health.

That is the skinny about how I decided on a career choice. It was a whole different chain of events that got me into Chiropractic. Migraine headaches, no luck with conventional medicine and just the premise of the Chiropractic approach to health that resonated with me.

How can our office help you to regain and maintain your health? There are a variety of ways:

Chiropractic - the balancing of the nervous system, the controlling and coordinating system of the body. Ensure that your nervous system is functioning as closely as it can to 100 percent so that every organ in your body does its’ job to keep you healthy and fight of disease.

Whole Food Nutrition - Contrary to popular belief, you are not what you eat – but what you absorb. It had better be whole and balanced with all the synergists that you need in order to use it to your full advantage. Whole, not fractionated vitamins.

Acupuncture - The ancient oriental art of balancing the chi, or energy, in the body. Hand in hand with Chiropractic, it enables the body to work towards being the best it can be.

Therapeutic Massage -Stimulate, relax and rejuvenate the body with a hands on approach that more than just feels good. Get the juices flowing, relax and unwind. Refresh both your body and your mind.

If you are serious about longevity, living your life to the fullest, and having a vibrant and healthy family – join our team of dedicated professionals. Let us help guide you in the tough choices that only lead to health – and remember, “ven, ven, ven you got your health, then you can enjoy your wealth!”