Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Bergen Family Chiropractic Center

If you've never visited a chiropractic office, you may be curious about what's to come. There are several things you can bring with you to make the process start off on the right foot. And, if you're worried about how your body will feel after the visit, we're happy to explain the healing process in full detail.

To best assist you, it is very helpful if you provide your past medical records. Certain things that should be noted are:

  • Diagnostic test results
  • X-rays and MRIs
  • Current medications
  • Existing medical conditions
  • History of family medical conditions

You'll also be asked several questions about the pain you're experiencing. Take a moment to evaluate the pain before your visit. What hurts the most? When did your pain start? What triggers the pain? Do certain things worsen or improve the pain?

You'll then be examined by your trusted chiropractor. We check your reflexes, blood pressure, and vital signs to make sure everything is in working order. Next, you'll conduct a simple series of exercises so we can further evaluate your condition. These activities are very low-key and include things like bending, flexing, standing, sitting, and walking in a straight line.

After this step, one of our chiropractors will examine the condition of your spine. If diagnostic tests, such as scans and X-rays, are necessary, we will explain how and why these things are needed.

It's important to remember that feeling slight discomfort after a chiropractic visit is normal. The first step to healing is discovering the root of the problem, so the doctor will take careful but necessary measures to ensure you're on the right track to better chiropractic health.