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Special Announcement: There’s A New Friendly Face at Bergen Family Chiropractic Center

Walking into Bergen Family Chiropractic Center, you might notice some new faces and new energy, and quite possibly the faint smell of espresso…

Flashback: 1973, two Bergen County residents and recent college grads, Dr. Richard Santucci and Dr. Charles Calabrese, embark upon chiropractic careers in New York Chiropractic College in Glen Cove, Long Island. Neither knows each other until they meet in a carpool some weeks later. A friendship forms over many cups of espresso, and upon graduation, these two new doctors of chiropractic opened a chiropractic office together on Spring Valley Ave. in Hackensack.

As the number of patients grew, so did their need for more space. Dr. Santucci soon branched out and opened The Bergen Family Chiropractic Center at 547 Main St., Hackensack, but the move was bittersweet. Though he was tremendously excited for the future of his chiropractic practice, he was no longer sharing working space and collaboration with a good friend and colleague.

“Don’t let anyone tell you not to go into business with friends or family. We were like family for each other, like brothers,” says Dr. Santucci.

Several years later, Dr. Santucci’s practice on Main St. had a fire, and the entire building required a complete renovation. Surprisingly, neither he nor his patients missed a day! Dr. Calabrese welcomed his buddy back with open arms until he was back on his feet again. And the espresso flowed…

Fast forward 41 years since their original endeavor and it will come as no surprise that these two chiropractors have come 360 and are thrilled to announce that they will be back in the same practice again. A little older, a little grayer, but both looking forward to the renewed enthusiasm of their youth while continuing to provide the excellent chiropractic care.

Beginning, Oct. 1, Drs. Richard Santucci and Charles Calabrese will be together, along with Dr. Joseph Carnelli, and acupuncturist HiroeYamani, M.S., L.Ac. at The Bergen Family Chiropractic Center, 547Main Street, Hackensack 201-343-8282. Patients and friends, both old and new, are welcome to stop by for a celebration of friendship and camaraderie.

And, yes, these two Italian American docs will still have the espresso machine on…

Chiropractic & Immune System | Bergen Family Chiropractic | Hackensack, NJ

The Link Between The Immune System And Chiropractic Care

Your body’s immune system is responsible for your overall health. It is responsible for fighting off cancers, viruses, toxins, and the more common things like colds. Your body’s response even to something as small as a paper cut relies on a properly functioning immune system as well as the central nervous system.

Immune system disorders can hinder your body’s ability to properly handle a non-threatening foreign substance such as pet dander or pollen. When your body’s immune system is not functioning properly it can overreact and release chemicals, such as histamine, when sensing an allergen. Another common condition in which the immune system overreacts is asthma. In this instance, the overactive immune system causes inflammation in the airways (bronchi) in the lungs. The resulting constrictions can make breathing difficult.

Autoimmune diseases occur when your immune system responses to an unknown trigger. Your body’s immune system starts producing antibodies that attack the body’s own tissues instead of fighting infections. A few examples of autoimmune diseases are: Graves’ Disease, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Immune deficiency diseases occur when you immune system is not strong enough to fight off infections, doesn’t react strongly enough to stave off disease, or possibly due to an immune system already suppressed by medications or an existing illness. In some cases, immune deficiency may be present from birth due to a genetic disorder (primary immune deficiency). Either way, your body is now more vulnerable to disease and infections. Examples of Immune Deficiency Diseases include: AIDS / HIV, Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), Drug-Induced Immune Deficiency, and Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID).

An optimally functioning immune system goes to what the core of chiropractic care is all about. While many associate pain with chiropractic care, remember pain only involves 10% of your nervous system. The other 90% is extremely important. That 90% is associated with all the functions of your body: breathing, digesting food, the function of your internal organs, the control of your muscles (voluntary and involuntary), your immune system, and everything else. Everything is controlled through your central nervous system which start at your brain, runs down through your spine, and from there throughout your entire body.

Your brain needs to know exactly what is wrong with your body so it can instruct your immune system to properly respond. Your central nervous system needs to provide unrestricted and unfiltered information your brain can respond to. How well your immune system reacts – or doesn’t react – to infections, disease, or any other foreign substance invading your body is based entirely on what your brain instructs it to do. The directions from your brain to your immune system are only as good as the information the brain receives.

When your brain receives partial information, bad information, or even no information, your immune system will not respond properly. Your immune system’s response could be too weak, too strong, or even attack healthy tissues in the case of autoimmune diseases. Your body will be more vulnerable to cancers, infections, allergy attacks, diseases, and other attacks by foreign substances.

Misalignments, or subluxations, in the spine will cause poor communication between your brain and your immune system. Subluxations can create pressure on, irritate, or even pinch the nerves in your spine. This restricts the free-flow of information regarding your body to your brain. Chiropractors restore that broken communication, through gentle adjustments that properly align your vertebrae, and allow your body to take better care of itself. With a properly functioning central nervous system your immune system will be better equipped to defend your body from disease and infection. Anyone striving to be healthy should be seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. It is the best way to ensure a healthy immune system. You should consult with your chiropractor to see how often your lifestyle requires your body to be adjusted.

To arrange an appointment at Bergen Family Chiropractic Center, call us at 201-343-8282 or use the convenient appointment form. If you have friends or family that would like to gain a better understanding of chiropractic care, please recommend this article to them.

Chiropractic Wellness Care | Bergen Family Chiropractic | Hackensack, NJ

What Is Chiropractic Wellness Care?

Chiropractic Wellness Care

When people think about “wellness care” they often think about having a checkup with their doctor. But chiropractic wellness care is much more proactive. You see, when you see a doctor for a checkup, you are checking to see if something is already wrong with you. Would having a checkup today at your doctor stop you from getting a headache next week? No, it doesn’t work that way. Your family doctor waits for you to have the headache and then recommends a pill.

Chiropractic Wellness Care focuses on keeping your body functioning properly, and allowing the innate healing properties of your body to function as they are supposed to. Chiropractic wellness care checks to make sure your spine is properly aligned, gently corrects any subluxation (misalignment) before you even begin to feel any pain. Pain, even headache pain, is one of the final warnings your body gives you that something is wrong. Remember, only 10% of your nervous system feels pain. Since 95% of all headaches originate in the cervical spine (neck), you may have been experiencing a problem in your neck for months before getting a headache. With chiropractic wellness care, maintaining a properly aligned spine (the neck is part of the spine), the problem in your neck may get corrected before you even get a headache!

Chiropractic Wellness Care Is About Achieving Optimal Health- Not Just Fixing What Is Wrong

That is the goal with chiropractic wellness care. Catch and correct any issue before it becomes a problem. Keep you central nervous system in top shape, which will keep your immune system stronger, and you healthier. It ties right in with our slogan: Healthy Spine. Healthy Life.

If you would like to see how chiropractic wellness care can specifically work for you, contact one of our doctors at 201-343-8282 and arrange for a consultation, or make an appointment online. If you believe anyone of your friends or family can benefit from chiropractic wellness care, please recommend this article to them.

Chiropractic Care Introduction| Bergen Family Chiropractic | Hackensack, NJ

Introduction To Chiropractic Care

Too often people do not fully understand chiropractic care and relegate it to strictly dealing with pain in the back and neck. Chiropractors are highly educated doctors, and they have to be because treating the spine means chiropractors are dealing with the central nervous system which controls all the functions throughout your body including your internal organs and muscles. Their education includes courses on anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, neurology, orthopedics, diagnosis, X-rays, obstetrics, pediatrics, spinal rehabilitation, and more.

It is common for a medical doctor to prescribe a medication to help a patient feel better. While the patient may feel better for a while, the medicine was used to treat the symptom — not the cause of the problem. The trouble with treating the symptom instead of the cause is the source of the problem has not been corrected. If a problem is left uncorrected, it can become worse and worse, and may eventually get to the point where you cannot correct it. If the problem is in the spine, or in any joint in the body (shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist, hips), and is left uncorrected it will lead to degeneration of the joint, which is known as osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis if not managed properly will progressively advance and will interfere with the nervous system which will effect how your body functions and creates pain. Once degeneration begins in the spine and joints, you will not be able to recover 100%.

As doctors of chiropractic, our approach to your healthcare and wellness is different from that of a medical doctor. It is our practice to focus on detecting the underlying cause of your symptom, and correct the cause of the problem. As chiropractors we realize that your symptoms are an indicator of the real problem and your body’s way of communicating with your brain that there is something wrong. If someone is experiencing any symptoms, the ultimate goal is to find the underlying cause to that symptom and correct the cause. In determining the root cause of your problem, we have a wide range examinations available to identify the source of your problem including: chiropractic, neurological, orthopedic, x-ray, physical exams and computerized nervous system tests. Our non-invasive computer technology enables us to detect how the different types of nerves in your nervous system are functioning, and even measure your body’s ability to adapt to internal stress. Once we have determined the source of your problem, we will design and implement the best possible treatment plan to not only alleviate your symptoms, but to correct the underlying cause as well.

As chiropractors, we are interested in helping our patients obtain their optimum health and wellness. Therefore is it also important for us to discover the reason you had your problem to begin with. During your comprehensive consultation, in addition to your health history, we will check to see if anything in your lifestyle may be contributing to your problem. Various facets of your life such as your work environment, nutrition, exercise, rest and how you manage stress will have an impact on your health. At BFCC, our doctors will provide guidance in these areas to improve your health and well-being.

Chiropractic care is unique in the healthcare industry in that it strives to allow your central nervous system to function optimally, thereby allowing the organs and muscles in your body to properly function to keep you healthy. To do this, a chiropractor must accurately diagnose your problem(s) and then design a plan to correct it. As the nerve supply in your body is restored, you will find your symptoms going away and your body healing. Chiropractic care is about restoring your body to it’s natural health, wellness, and function. When you understand how chiropractic care and your health are intertwined, you know that if your spine is maintained properly — allowing your body to function optimally — you will avoid a lot of future problems, illnesses, and pain. Everyone’s healthcare should include properly maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system so they can enjoy a healthy life. To arrange an appointment at Bergen Family Chiropractic Center call us at 201-343-8282 or use the convenient appointment form. If you have friends or family that would like to gain a better understanding of chiropractic care, please recommend this article to them.