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Nutrition Therapy | Bergen Family Chiropractic | Hackensack, NJ

Jane has been practicing as  a Certified Nutritionist and Herbalist since 1999. She works with patients nationwide, providing customized nutritional assessments in order to help improve their nutritional deficiencies, lose weight, manage their stress and the adverse effects it has on their health, as well as manage physical and emotional issues through a comprehensive understanding of the body’s systems including the adrenals, digestive system and male and female reproductive organs. Jane works on lifestyle and dietary modifications to improve clinical outcomes for chronic conditions. She is a graduate of the American Health Sciences and American Herbal Institute and is our nutritionist.

Nutritional Therapy- Heal Your Body with Food

Your body can now get the nutrition on which it was founded, and it now becomes possible for it to heal itself - just as nature intended! Even if you're not looking to lose weight, you too can benefit from whole food supplements and nutrition therapy. Call us today to learn more about these exciting products and services.

At Bergen Family Chiropractic Center, our whole food supplements by Standard Process are entirely derived from specific whole foods, organically grown and prepared in such a way that preserves their vital enzymes and vitamins.

We Specialize In Nutrition Therapy For:

Sugar handling
Adrenal support
Ovary support
Weight loss management
Digestive improvement
Stress management
Thyroid support
Pituitary support
Hormonal support

Nutritional Therapy | Bergen Family Chiropractic | Hackensack, NJ

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