Special Announcement: There’s A New Friendly Face at Bergen Family Chiropractic Center

Walking into Bergen Family Chiropractic Center, you might notice some new faces and new energy, and quite possibly the faint smell of espresso…

Flashback: 1973, two Bergen County residents and recent college grads, Dr. Richard Santucci and Dr. Charles Calabrese, embark upon chiropractic careers in New York Chiropractic College in Glen Cove, Long Island. Neither knows each other until they meet in a carpool some weeks later. A friendship forms over many cups of espresso, and upon graduation, these two new doctors of chiropractic opened a chiropractic office together on Spring Valley Ave. in Hackensack.

As the number of patients grew, so did their need for more space. Dr. Santucci soon branched out and opened The Bergen Family Chiropractic Center at 547 Main St., Hackensack, but the move was bittersweet. Though he was tremendously excited for the future of his chiropractic practice, he was no longer sharing working space and collaboration with a good friend and colleague.

“Don’t let anyone tell you not to go into business with friends or family. We were like family for each other, like brothers,” says Dr. Santucci.

Several years later, Dr. Santucci’s practice on Main St. had a fire, and the entire building required a complete renovation. Surprisingly, neither he nor his patients missed a day! Dr. Calabrese welcomed his buddy back with open arms until he was back on his feet again. And the espresso flowed…

Fast forward 41 years since their original endeavor and it will come as no surprise that these two chiropractors have come 360 and are thrilled to announce that they will be back in the same practice again. A little older, a little grayer, but both looking forward to the renewed enthusiasm of their youth while continuing to provide the excellent chiropractic care.

Beginning, Oct. 1, Drs. Richard Santucci and Charles Calabrese will be together, along with Dr. Joseph Carnelli, and acupuncturist HiroeYamani, M.S., L.Ac. at The Bergen Family Chiropractic Center, 547Main Street, Hackensack 201-343-8282. Patients and friends, both old and new, are welcome to stop by for a celebration of friendship and camaraderie.

And, yes, these two Italian American docs will still have the espresso machine on…

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